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My golfing  was almost embarrassing and I nearly quit trying. Then I finally had some lessons with Henry. I asked him to start from the beginning and teach me the fundamentals. After just one lesson my stance, swing, ball direction, and confidence dramatically improved. Thanks to Henry’s great communication skills and his teaching methods, I am finally enjoying golf. I can now play golf with friends who have been playing for years and have a good time instead of a dreadful experience.     

Frank Jensen

I have had the pleasure of knowing Henry for a few years and he has made a big impact on the community and my son.  Through the BJTA, my son has not only had access to a well organized golf program, he has learned the importance of honest competition, being a good sportsman, and other positive values Henry has implemented in the program. Henry is also a great assistant golf pro – he is extremely friendly, competent, and really takes an interest in people.
Ellis Ishaya

Henry has helped my golf swing go from solid to amazing. He is so committed to helping people become better at golf and gain confidence. His drills help for practice away from lessons and he consistently checks in with your scores from your most recent rounds in order to understand what you should work on in the current or future lessons. I would definitely recommend Henry to a friend and any golfer who seriously wants to change their game. 

Rael Jensen